"I liked the SCRUB A LOT! The scrub made my body feel real SOFT!!!!!!!!!"
Sharon  New Brunswick, NJ

"I love it! I was out of the office until today and when I got back I had a package. I love that. :) I've just tried it on my hands - and it's awesome. It smells fantastic, isn't at all greasy and lasts. I've washed my hands a few times and when I smell them the scent is still there (though I look weird walking around smelling my hands). The packaging - also fabulous - very professional. I'm hooked. :)"
Jann  Boston, MA

"Love it! Definitely you guys are giving L'Occitane competition. I bought over $100 worth of shea butter from them last Christmas. TruButter is a much better value!"
Chantelle  Brooklyn, NY

"I received the samples you sent. I love them - so do my sisters, who have robbed me (smile)."
Stacia  Hartford, CT

"I have been using L'Occitane for about 9 years and I'm switching to TruButter. I keep it in my office (I would take it home, but my girls would probably decide to moisturize their stuffed animals), I put it on the minute I walk into the office. Everyone's always asking me what that great perfume is that I have on. And the body scrub makes my skin so soft. I'm in the pool two or three days a week with my girls, and still my skin is smooth and soft. In fact, I have a great tan going, which is rare for me, can I attribute that to your products?"
Amal  NY, NY

"Just wanted to let you know. TruButter is da bomb...it is quickly replacing lotion in my household."
Rosalind  Edison, NJ

"My hands just suck up the butter and crave more. Will recommend anytime"
Beverly  Passaic, NJ

"Got the product yesterday. I put some (Brown) on my hands and I REALLY like the feel. My hands are sooo dry I know it's going to take a while for me to see a significant change. I'll let you know how it works over time. I love the way the product smells (all of them!)"
Karen  Chicago, IL